Yutong Zhang (1993) is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who is interested in the freedom of human imagination and the beauty of unuselessness. Yutong studied New Media Art and Design in Renmin University of China, where she got the chance to go to University of Oklahoma in Norman as an exchange student in 2015 Spring. After her undergraduate study, she is now joining ITP at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in NYC and tries to combine art with other subjects, including science and engineering, in her works.

Aiming to break through so-called models and Utopia and explore alternative realities, Yutong explores relationship between human beings and robots, relationship between data and emotion, and between reality and virtuality in her study. She tried various kinds of media, such as 3D modeling, video, sound, and installation. It is her faith that people should be able to go out of virtual or digital world and to learn each other as real human beings through art and design.

She’s ready for more challenges and looking forward to taking more risks in the future.